Meet the team – Stephanie Grey

Have you ever wanted to get to know your favourite stylist better? Then you’ll love our latest Q&A blog post. In our first instalment of La Medusa Interviews we talk to the most smiley member of the team, Stephanie Grey.
  • How long have you been working at La Medusa? 6 and a half years, and absolutely love it!
  • What was your first day like? I was so, so nervous. But everyone made me feel so welcome! Not just the team but also the clients who have been coming into the salon for years.
  • What made you want to work in the hair industry? I actually got into hairdressing through doing a photography course. I realised I enjoyed getting people ready for the pictures rather than taking them. (Also, my mum always said I had hairdressers’ hands, whatever they are!)
  • Which celebrity ‘look’ have you been asked to recreate most of all? Kim Kardashian always! Big bouncy blow dry never fails!
  • Where’s your favourite place to go out in Henley? The Square! Great cocktails, a brilliant atmosphere and fantastic staff!
  • If you could create any style / colour for a client what would it be? This changes with the seasons for me, right now I’m loving warm, honey tones within colour.
  • What’s your favourite thing about working in Henley? Born and bred in Henley and never want to leave. Such a beautiful town. And for me, I can walk to work, no excuse for being late for me.
  • What’s the worst hair style you’ve ever had? My full head of blonde highlights. After begging to be blonde for months, I spent 2 months begging to be brunette again.
  • What’s your favourite hair product to work with? This is a hard one to narrow down but would have to say System Professional Luxe Oil. It’s light but oh so moisturising. Use it on every client.
  • What’s your dream holiday destination and why? Anyone who has met me can answer this in a heartbeat! Florida! I’m a thrill seeker and love rollercoasters. Also, anything Disney and I’m there. Child at heart!
  • What’s the worst hairdressing injury you’ve inflicted on yourself? I’m quite fortunate as I have only had finger cuts here and there. Also, some blisters on my fingers from the dolls head while I was training years ago.
  • If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 things would want with you? System Professional Solar Oil. My phone, and a pair of comfy PJ’s!
  • If you weren’t a hairdresser, what would you be? This is a hard one as I can’t imagine being anything else, but I would probably stay in the industry, maybe sales for products or teaching hairdressing.
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